Decide on which Indonesia islands you would like to see, check out the available tours and pick the tour you prefer and inform us about the changes you like. Once you have informed us, we do the rest and match all your ingredients together and make your journey complete.
If you prefer to travel on your own, but like us to help you with booking hotels, cars and/or flights please send us your request.

While composing, please take the following into account :

  • Which city you fly into and out of Indonesia
  • Your time available in Indonesia
  • The specific places you would like to see
  • Available connections between your destinations
  • Travel time between these destinations
  • Where and when you like to have a free program


Once you decided which Island you like to visit, you click its corresponding button under the headline “Tour Packages Over Land”. All possible tours regarding this island will appear including their duration. Once you click on a specific tour, the itinerary will appear from day to day. If you find a tour to your liking write down its unique code and any possible changes you would like to make. Repeat this procedure for all your destinations.


In our flight map under the button “maps” you will find information about direct and daily flights between cities all over Indonesia. This map includes a kilometer scale so you can estimate the distance between your destinations. (650 km takes roughly 1 hour flight time) We can not give you all time schedules of all airlines, but the map will help you to estimate your travel time. If you plan to connect flights, we advise to take around 3 hours between arrival of your first flight and the departure of your next flight. You need to check in at least 1 hour before departure. If you like to use a sea ferry between your destinations please bring it to our attention and we will inform you about route and schedule.


All tours include hotel rooms. If available in the places you visit, we offer 4 star hotels with western facilities. However outside the big cities and famous tourist centers the accommodations can be moderate. If you prefer middle class or even budget accommodations during your whole stay, please inform us and we will adapt our quotation.
All our cars are new and equipped with air conditioning. We recommend self driving only on Bali


Once you have made a rough sketch of your trip, please send us your itinerary, tour code(s), hotel class preference and additional wishes by e-mail and we will match your tour intentions together with the best possible flight schedules. For a quick and optimum respond, please inform us with the following details:

- How many people like to travel
- Airport of arrival & departure in and out of Indonesia (if possible)
- Date and time of arrival & departure in and out of Indonesia (if possible)
- Your itinerary and tour code(s) including your additional preferences if any
- Hotel class (budget, middle, high end)

As soon as we receive your request we will send you a confirmation and will offer you our proposal and quotation within 24 hours.

Tour example :
You fly in and out from Jakarta.
You have 21 days and would like to see Sumatera (the orang utan’s), Toraja and South Sulawesi and your last week in Bali before returning home.

Day   1, arrival in Jakarta and direct flight to Medan. Transfer to your hotel in Medan.
Day   2, start of 7 day/ 6 night tour VF-SUM-02
Day   8, flight Medan - Jakarta - Makassar, transfer to your hotel in Makassar
Day   9, 1 day rest in your hotel, relax at pool or shopping in Makassar
Day 10, Start of VF-SUL-07 6 days/ 5 nights
Day 16, Flight Makassar - Bali, Transfer to your hotel in Bali. Free program
Day 21, Flight Bali - Jakarta, connecting to your flight home.

If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to ask.


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