Through this site we would like to assist you with planning and booking your trip in Indonesia. If you have determined your itinerary and destinations already and only are in need of hotel vouchers, airplane tickets, transport over land or any other travel facilities please contact us for a quotation and bookings. All travel documents can be send to your home address on request.

However if you still consider where to go, what to see and how to travel please take the time to go through our site and let us help you with ideas and suggestions. Indonesia is a huge country with more than 17.000 islands, many different cultures and languages. All Definitely a large amount of places is worthwhile visiting, but when your stay is limited you better select your preferences while taking travelling time in account. After your arrival in Indonesia you probably do not want to be bothered with organizing means of transportation, guides and hotel facilities.

This preliminary work we already did for most of the well known islands. You can easily put your own trip together along one or more islands by combining the ready-made tours we offer. Please find the explanation of how to build your route by clicking the "compose your tour" button. Of course if you want to deviate from the given itinerary or you like to visit other islands just inform us and we will try to meet your wishes. Remember, in Indonesia almost everything is possible!